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Tulip, the most beautiful six petal flower, can be the perfect gift for your valentine.

Valentine's Day Tulips

Cultivated from about 500 years, tulips, the third most popular flower among the flower fans belongs to Turkish Ottoman Empire, while often being associated with the Netherlands for taking over the world's tulip market. The word 'tulip' came into its being via French word 'Tulipe'. In Turkish territories, it is often seen as a symbol of abundance and indulgence. There are about 5000 varieties of tulips that are cultivated around the world and majority of them from the Netherlands. They are always in great demand all over the world for making bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings, receptions, and even birthdays.

Second on the list of "most preferred flowers to express your love with" on Valentine's Day, tulips are catching up fast, almost neck to neck with roses. Romantic and mesmerizing, tulips are a great way to put somebody in the same mood. Many of the adjectives that are related with different colors of roses are also related with tulips of different colors; like red tulips symbolize love, yellow tulips symbolize happiness, purple tulip is related with royalty, and white tulips symbolize peace and forgiveness. While roses as a whole portray passion and undying love, tulips on the other hand portray grace personified through love. Tulip is considered to be the ambassador of a perfect lover's declaration of love, romance, charity, and a dreamy state. There are many varieties of tulips to choose from:

Different Tulips To Choose From
  • Single Early Tulips - with strong stems and colors ranging from jewel tones to pastel shades
  • Double Early Tulips - resembles peonies and available in colors of white, pink, yellow, and orange
  • Triumph Tulips - available in purple, apricot, white, pink, orange and red
  • Darwin Hybrid Tulips - with pyramid shaped bloom and available in shades of black, white, and pink
  • Single Late Tulips - with oval shaped bloom and available in shades of black, white, yellow, and pink
  • Parrot Tulips - with twisted or curled up petals available in shades of apricot, pink, yellow, and orange
  • Lilly Flowered Tulips - resembles lilies and are available in shades of white, orange, yellow, and red
So, this Valentine's Day, gift your valentine with a bouquet of different tulips put together the moment she wakes up and watch her face radiate the same gracefulness that is reflected in the very tulips she holds.