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Browse through this article to know about the Top 10 Valentine gifts to give to your lover. They are a foolproof way to win your loved one's heart!

Top 10 Valentine Gifts

Considering the all year long busy routine and only one free day to make up for it, roses and chocolate are not a way to do it. It goes without saying that roses and chocolate are no longer considered gifts for Valentine's Day but is a sort of necessity. They won't be appreciated if not followed by other gifts, but will definitely be missed if you forgot them somehow. Thoughtful gifts on the other hand will more than make up for the love and romance that has somehow landed in the backseat. And if your very thoughts have been evading you and you're finding it difficult to come up with an idea for a gift, just choose one from the top 10 valentine gifts that we have in store for you. These gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on your valentine's face and express your emotions and feelings clearly. Go through the list below to know what they are.

Best Valentine Gifts
  • Undeniably, on the list of top 10 gifts on Valentine's Day, stands no one and nothing else but you. This day, if you can gift him/her with your unspoilt attention, it will be the best. Take a leave and cancel everything else in place. It’s a day only for your valentine.
  • You prepared the cake by making yourself available, now don’t forget to add an icing with a cherry on top. And the cherry here is a personalized diamond ring for your valentine. You can either have your names or a short quote engraved on it.
  • Gifting your valentine with something that he/she may have been asking for a long time or have been asking for a long time to do can lighten up the valentine day for him/her. Is it dance lessons, scuba diving, cookery class, or anything else? Think hard!
  • A gift certificate for a day at the spa, together, is definitely among the top gifts to give to your valentine. All the aromatic pampering and massaging will relieve you both from the stress and will have you ready for an evening of romantic bliss.
  • You just can’t take out red roses from Valentine’s Day, especially if they are 5-6 feet tall. You’ll make a huge impression with these big roses that will epically convey your love, passion, and commitment towards your valentine.
  • Perfumes are among the top gifts to give to your valentine. Don’t just buy any perfume. You know him/her well, so make sure the perfume suits his/her personality and will make you want to cuddle up there and then.
  • Digital picture frames, displaying the best of your moments together, is definitely right up there among the top gifts. Not only will it bring back the good memories from the past but will also make your partner believe that the future too has much in store and to hope for.
  • A hand written love letter never has and never will lose its charm. Don’t worry about using the big words; just write straight from the heart. Put the paper inside a red envelope, spray it up with few droplets of perfume, and gift it to your valentine along with a red rose.
  • Instead of a day, how about taking some days off from work and going for a vacation? Waking up together, having breakfast in bed, exploring the distant places together hand in hand, can cheer up the Valentine’s Day for your partner and of course, you.
  • Last but not the least; you may have collected a memorabilia over the years of your relationship. Putting it in a gift basket along with roses and chocolates is sure to bring a smile and a few tears of joy on your valentine's face for the love that you two share.