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Decorations are a major part of any party and similar is the case with Valentine's Day parties. Here are a few ideas on Valentine's Day party decoration which will come in handy.

Valentines Day Party Decoration

A little spice X and a little spice Y and your house changes into a palace!!! Well, that might work for you if you are Cinderella with golden boots; else you have to do everything yourself this Valentine's Day, from sending the invites till cooking for the guests. But the main chore while throwing a party is decorating your home so that it looks in sync and updated with the theme. There are a number of things to decide while you prepare yourself and your home for throwing a party, for e.g., the lightings, the theme of the party, the color around which you will decide the theme and a number of other things. Your decoration is perhaps the first thing they will be noticed at the party and to make it the last thing they treasure throughout their life, you have to work hard. Here are a few suggestions to make your labor worthwhile.

Valentine's Day Party Decoration Ideas

Deciding the Color
The colors which come to your mind when you think about Valentine's Day are pink and red. You can choose white as it is a neutral color and if you are not planning to give a conventional kind of party, then you can surely go for other colors like purple, brown or black. You can experiment with a lot of other colors too, like sober color combinations which blend well.

Deciding the lighting for a party is a major task, as it sets the mood for the party. So, go for romantic dim lighting to give the whole atmosphere a mellow dreamy look. Try adding a few pink and red aromatic candles to the ambiance and you will feel the magic begin.

Ornament your home with cardboard hearts and cupid danglers. Use heart-shaped balloons to decorate the whole house. Use lots of red and white balloons which will give your home an exotic look. Flowers can also be a part of the decoration as nothing describes the feeling of love better than these tender gems. You can also go for cupid posters on walls which will give your walls an exotic look too. Flower petals strewn on the grass of the lawn to make a heart or only a path different from the already existing pathway will definitely be beautiful.

Valentine's Tree
Decorate a small artificial tree of love on the Valentine's Day. Ornament it with a number of small ornaments like hearts, cupid arrows and adorn the branches of the tree with glitter and confetti. Light the tree with pink, purple and red colored lights; white lights will also do the work. A well decorated tree will become the centre of everyone's attention.

Decorating the Outdoors
Decoration is never complete if it isn't wholesome and this is only possible when you do not forget the outdoors along with the interiors of the house. Match your outdoors with the interiors, sprinkle pink glitter on the walkway and cover the trees on you lawn and the hedges with pink streamers. This will create a serene romantic ambiance for your party.