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Valentine's Day is round the corner and you haven't even selected cards yet? Here are a few ideas on Valentine's Day party invitation to pull you out of this flux.

Valentine's Day Party Invitation

You are the host of a Valentine's Day party and you are already late with the preparations and arrangements. You are even clueless about the party invitations. This is the part where we come to your rescue by filling you with awesome ideas to make your party a successful event. The prime thing to take care of before the actual party is the party invites. If you have a little time in your hands and if you only have limited people attending this event, then you can make a few invites yourself. Making a Valentine's invite is quite simple as it is not much different from making a normal invitation. You just need to use the colors red and pink a lot along with ribbons and heart-shaped clip-art. But you should know the basics of making a card before you start snipping with that pair of scissors.

Valentine's Day Party Invitation Ideas
  • First thing that you should know is the number of invites you will need, because, according to that only you will decide the materials needed for the invitation cards. The standard size of an invitation card is 8.5 x 11, so buy according to your need. Buy plain cards which are easily available at the stationary stores. Colors you can choose from are red, pink or white. Keep in mind that the card should me made of hard paper. Also consider buying construction paper to do the decorative stuff.
  • Don’t just come home after purchasing the items used for making cards; bring home envelopes too. Buy a couple of extra as you might need them if you tear one. While shopping for envelopes keep in mind the size of the card. Also try to match the color of the card and the envelope. And if you have some patterns on it then make sure the envelope’s pattern matches the pattern of the card.
  • Use your creativity and cut out patterns such as snow flakes, small hearts or confetti to paste them on the card. You can also print on your card with the help of your computer at home.
  • You can also use your crafts skills and snip the borders of the card to give it a nice shape. You can paste confetti and glitter on the card to enhance its looks. Use small clip arts such as roses, kisses, cupid’s arrow, etc. to add richness to your card. Add a black and white photograph of yours to give it that homely and personalized look.
  • While typing or writing on the card, make sure you use the type of font or writing which goes with the over all theme of the invitation and the day. Before printing the invitations, give it a test print to see how it looks. Hence, you will also be able to decide which font will look great with the card.
  • Don’t forget to decorate the borders of the card as without it the card will look incomplete and shabby. You can try cutting and pasting patterns with the creative paper or you can also use a lace to do the needful. Use lace to tie your card with a bow in the center.