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Make the moments of togetherness a time to giggle with your entire loved ones with these humorous poems on this Valentine's Day.

Funny Poems

Commemorated on 14th February throughout the world with immense joy, passion, and grandeur, Valentine's Day is a day for lovers. Couples exchange tokens of love and affection through cards, gifts, flowers, and other gift items. However, apart than romance, humor and laughs also forms an integral part of our lives. Little would you know that humor too can add a different flavor and twist to any occasion, even if it is the romantic festival of Valentine's Day! To perfectly express humor, poems are best way to divulge emotions. Find some hilarious and side-splitting poems as you move ahead with your Valentine's Day celebrations. Have a look and take your pick!

Valentine's Day Funny Poems

On This Special Day
On this special Day
I want to confess my love to you
I should restate that. I mean,
I want to confess my love,
Which is for this girl I met at work,
to you.
It's been a secret far too long
Doesn't it feel better?
Having the truth out there?
Happy Valentines Day!

Superhero Valentine
Valentine, you're in my dreams,
Both daytime and at night;
I dream of how you'd feel to touch,
How I'd fill you with delight.

So far my dreams have not come true;
You scarcely know I'm there.
But if I were a super hero,
Then I could make you care.

As Spiderman I'd weave a web,
Lure you and catch you in it,
So you couldn't just smile and walk away,
After talking less than a minute.

As Plastic Man my parts could stretch,
I'd form them as you desire.
We could play till we got it right;
Now that should light your fire.

As Batman I'd show you sweet mysteries
In my secret underground lair.
I'd kiss and caress you to ecstasy;
Say yes; just take my dare.

I might be the superhero you've dreamed;
Don't automatically deny me.
Just put yourself in my loving hands;
You won't be sorry; try me.

You're my personal Wonder Woman;
Be my heroine, Valentine.
Let me show you why you should choose me,
And why you'll love being mine.
-By Karl and Joanna Fuchs