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Let us dedicate some of the cute poems for the little angles on this earth i.e. the kids on this Valentines Day.

Poems for Kids

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the spirit of love that is known to be the preeminent emotion in the world bringing humans together. Kids have always been called as angels and messenger of love. Thus, while celebrating this blissful festival, kids should not be left behind. Shower your love for your children, with some Valentine's Day poems. Poems speak out a variety of things expressing your cordial feelings and sentiments for your children. To make your task easy, we bring you a collection of lovely Valentine's Day poems for kids. You can use them in kids' homemade Valentine's Day cards, in schools, or even at an in-house party. Scroll down to find some cute and delightful Valentine's Day poetry for kids.

Valentine's Day Kids' Poems

To a Baby Boy
Who I am I shall not say,
But I send you this bouquet
With this query, baby mine:
"Will you be my valentine?"

See these roses blushing blue,
Very like your eyes of hue;
While these violets are the red
Of your cheeks. It can be said
Ne'er before was babe like you.

And I think it is quite true
No one ever before to-day
Sent so wondrous a bouquet
As these posies aforesaid--
Roses blue and violets red!

Sweet, repay me sweets for sweets--
'This your lover who entreats!
Smile upon me, baby mine--
Be my little valentine!

The Kangaroo's Courtship
"Oh will you be my wallaby?"
Asked Mr. Kangaroo.
"For we could find so very many
Jumping things to do.
I have a pocket two feet wide
And deep inside,
My dear, you'd ride---
Oh, come and be my bouncing bride,
My Valentine, my side-by-side
I am in love with you."
-By Jane Yolen

On Valentine's Day
Out of a snow cloud, cold and gray,
Something dropped on St. Valentine's Day,
Whirling and twirling and soft and light,
Like wee little letters all dainty and white,
And I guess the sky children were sending down,
This Valentine straight to the children in town.
-By Bethany Roberts