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Here are aome short and little poems to convey your hearts message to your dear ones.

Short Poems

Poems are the best way to express human emotions and feelings since ancient times. They can vary on terms of size, kind, and relationships. Reciting a short romantic poem on the romantic evening of Valentine's Day would definitely add four moons to your romantic celebrations. Now, you must be thinking of finding some meaningful short poems for your loved ones to add that extra zing. Do not worry. With this section of cute, sweet, and beautiful short poems, you need not search for them elsewhere. Simply scroll down and choose a poem that perfectly fits into your Valentine's Day festivity. Go ahead and win the heart of your loved ones.

Valentine's Day Short Poems

My wish for you!
May you always have
Many things to laugh at
And real good friends with
Whom you can have a chat

Things you can dream about
Places you want to go
And the money in your hand
That you can always blow

Time for reflection
Of ones you hold dear
The courage in your heart
To do this without fear

And may you always know
The love I have for you
But I know in your heart
You know that this is true

Love is anguish and a joy
It's bondage and bliss
Love has no parameters
It's impossible to resist

Love isn't selfish
It doesn't know desire
Love eludes the paradigm
It sets a heart on fire

Love is intimate with pleasure
It renders us complete
It has no limitations
It makes our heart beat
I Love You!

Thank You
Through all the changes
In my life, your love
Has remained
Constant and unconditional.
Though at times
You may have questioned,
Worried or wondered...
You never stopped loving me.
On this day of love
I want you to know how very much that means.
You who have loved me first,
Love me best.
Thank you for all the love you've shared.
Happy Valentine's Day

You are the bow
I am the arrow
You are the wheel
I am the barrow

You are the cripple
I am the crutch
You are the rabbit
I am the hutch

You are the hand
I am the glove
Yes, I'm a mitten
Smitten by love

My Heart Belongs To You
Your love has brought me contement
That reaches to my soul
Through this peace it's given me
I can reach to any goal

I wake up in the morning
With a smile on face
No more dreary days
Just sunshine in its place

I thank the Lord each night
Before I fall asleep
And ask Him that this love
He will always let me keep

You'll never have to worry
I'll never be untrue
I'll love you till my dying days
My heart belongs to you