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Being a single does not mean that you cannot celebrate Valentine's Day. Explore some great Valentine's Day celebration ideas for singles.

Valentine's Day For Singles

A day when the world celebrates love and romance, Valentine's Day is assumed to be an awaited celebration for couples. Exchange of flowers, cards, and loving sentiments, coupled with affection, togetherness, and infatuation, this occasion highlights the inner feelings and true emotions for one another. But what about those who are still single and feel lonesome on this love day of the year? Everyone loves to receive a Valentine card, though they may not express it outwardly. Being a witness of people receiving roses, heart-shaped candies, and getting close to their partner only adds to the chilling blues of staying single and embracing the fiery desires of love.

Nevertheless, the romantic occasion does not necessarily mean expressing your feelings for your sweethearts and spouses only. There are other people who equally deserve your warmth and caring. They are your parents, siblings, friends, and other relatives. They've been there for you always through your thick and thin, cared for you, and love you eternally just like your partner. Then, why leave them alone and pamper just one? Why make them feel lonely and dreary? As for those who are singles, why think that this love day is only meant for expressive love to romantic connections? Why not spoil and pamper your own self? After all, don't we love ourselves more than anyone else in the world? Give yourself a boost of life and feel of Valentine's Day by spicing up your day. Here's what you can do to enjoy Valentine's Day positively and end on a lovely note.

Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas For Singles

Treat Yourself

Book a movie ticket at the cinema for yourself on Valentine's Day. But stay away from romantic comedies on this night, unless you are thrilled and comfortable to watch the movie in a theatre that is filled with kissing noises. Catch up with a horror movie, a light comedy or a good thriller.

A Singles Only Party
Got a lot of singles in your whereabouts and contacts? Throw a party for all the singles who've been unsuccessful in finding a mate just like you. This way, no one will feel lonely and depressed of finding a date; plus, they can enjoy a night of fun and excitement. But stay away from heart-shaped or cupid themes. Keep it simple and relaxed with finger foods and drinks. Include games and activities, such as karaoke, charades, and pictionary. However, if you have fewer guests on your list, you can spice it up with board games, like Clue, Monopoly, and Scrabble.

Gift A Spa Night
Gather all single friends in your contacts and host a night of pampering and lots of gossip. Give each one a chance to do manicures, pedicures, and makeup. For that tittle-tattle to last longer and get hilarious, collect women's and celebrity magazines to have a good laugh over them. You can even have facial treatments and aromatherapy to try out. Complete and end the Valentine's Day evening with fresh food, such as fruit, granola, and cocktails.

We all know Valentine's Day is all about love, but not necessarily romantic love. It can be with people you love and with those who deserve the most but are deprived of. While you have nothing to do on this day, lend your hand at an organization and help out people. Shower your love and affection to elderly people at a retirement home, abandoned orphans at an orphanage, or a homeless person who needs a meal the most. Serve them dinner and deliver them flowers.

Stay Normal
February 14th would be like any other day of the year if it had not been declared as Valentine's Day. So if you are single this year, treat this day like any normal day. Give yourself a day off and catch up with your favorite TV serial or movie. Or you can spend the day trying out new recipes at home or relaxing in bed, if you do not have any prior appointments at your beauty parlor or hair salon.