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If you are wondering what day is Valentines Day 2015, go through this article! We will tell you when Valentine's Day in 2015 will fall.

When Is Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a romantic celebration of love, emotions, and sentiments amongst people who admire and care for their close ones. Being an annual commemoration, people take the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts towards their beloveds and shower their dearest care and pampering. Traditionally being an American tradition, Valentine's Day has grown drastically to become a worldwide festival observed all across the world, primarily in Canada, Europe, South America, India, Japan, and Korea. The customs are marked by presenting cards, flowers, confectionary, and a wide assortment of gifts, revealing hearts, cupid, and the color red, depicting the symbols of this romantic occasion. But when does this festival of love and romance called Valentine's Day fall? Let's check out in the following lines.

When Is Valentine's Day 2015
Valentine's Day falls on 14th February every year. Irrespective of whether it's a weekday or weekend, Valentine's Day is officially celebrated on this date. It is a day that is bestowed upon us by God to express our love and emotions for our loved ones and celebrate it with high spirits. This year, Valentine's Day will fall on the last day of the week, Saturday. Thereby, you can find people preparing and planning for the day on Saturday and Sunday. There have been many stories and versions behind the origination of Valentine's Day, but the story about St. Valentine has been the most popular and followed till date.

Legends say that Emperor Claudius II of Rome wanted more young men to join his army and fight for their nation. As a result, he raised a ban on arrange marriages and engagements of men and women. A Christian saint named Valentine stood against the emperor's orders and started arranging for marriages of young girls and boys secretly. However, on learning about this act of Valentine, Claudius ordered him to be put behind bars and was finally executed on 14th February in around 270 AD. Since then, Valentine was named a saint and February 14 is celebrated as his martyrdom.

In modern days, Valentine's Day is a huge and famous festival celebrated with immense joy, pomp, galore, and passion. Fresh flowers, cards, chocolates, jewelry, and others gifts are exchanged by couples and loved ones. Taking sweethearts on dates is another popular tradition followed by most people across the world. Markets and gift stores are festooned with roses, hearts, cupids, and lovebirds through the entire month of February. Though these are some common customs practiced all over, every nation has its own individual rituals and customs for honoring this day of love and romance. To end, the month of February has become a season to patronize love, emotions, and sentiments amongst partners.