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Valentines day SMS are the fastest and easiest way to express your heartiest feelings to your loved ones.

Valentine's Day SMS

You probably are having a crush on a sweet girl whom you know. Every time she comes in front of you, your heart flutters and there is a sweet pain inside. You want to tell her your true feelings but are waiting for a right moment. So what could be a better occasion than Valentine's Day? The season is back again and there is so much love in the air. You might don't know if she really likes you and waiting you for to say it first. Don't worry for Valentines Day gives you a perfect chance to express your true love. Don't hesitate to tell her how much you love her. If you really love someone and looking for a way to express the exact state of your heart, a sweet Valentine's Day SMS can serve the purpose.

Mobile phones have been one of ingenious creations of human kind, but there is no denying the fact that SMS is far better innovative invention than that. Sometimes, a person finds it really hard to talk to the person he truly loves. In that case SMS comes in handy. What could be better than a sweet message dipped in your true love, conveying the state of your heart? If you are a poet or writer, write a beautiful poem for your valentine. Self written poems and messages are more effective than the other readymade ones. But if you are not a poet and cannot find words to articulate your feelings, you need not to worry; as we can help you with some of the best romantic Valentine's Day SMS that will convey your emotions to your love. After all, love is all about words from heart that need to be heard from other heart!

Boyfriend SMS
If you have the boy of your dreams right in front of your eyes and don't know how to say how much you love him, please not fret out. Instead, take a look at these messages which you can send him and convey your love. Browse through these boyfriend SMSs that would guide you to get through those tough skins and soft hearts, with ease.

Valentines Day Love SMS
There are various occasion to convey your feelings to your loved ones like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Friendship Day and Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is special day to tell your partner how much you love him/her. Here are some Valentine's Day messages to choose from. Pick any of these finely selected SMS to send your heartiest feelings to your true love.

Romantic SMS
If you are away from your mate and missing him/her and are looking for an easy way to remind him/her of your true love, these best romantic messages will really please you. Love is something that needs a little patience and lot of expression. Here is a collection of romantic SMS that are waiting to be sent by you.

SMS for Friend
Friends are the integral part of life. Without them life is boring and empty. They are people who fill our life with joy and happiness. If friends are around you, no pain and misery can stay for long. They make you laugh, they make you cry, they always there for you. Here are some of the SMS that are dedicated to your true friendship. Send these to those sweet idiots and make them smile!

Girlfriend SMS
There must be ocean of feelings that are bursting out from your heart. If permitted, you could have shown your heart to the girl, who has taken your soul. But you have to remain contented with words only. Don't feel low; for the SMS listed herein carry the same intensity as that of your feelings. What are you waiting for? Send these best of the love SMS to your girlfriend and watch her smile.