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Sweep your man off his feet by proposing him this Valentine's Day. Go through this article to know the different proposal ideas on how to propose a guy.

How to Propose to a Guy

First things first, so let's clear the smoke out of the way. Yes, guys too like to be wooed by girls as much as girls like to be wooed by guys. Secondly, if you both love each other and want to be with each other for the rest of your lives, then make use of the first piece of information and take him by surprise. How? By proposing to him; he'll be least expecting it. It's no longer a taboo and more and more girls are doing this, which can be the most romantic thing to do. How to go about it? Well, you probably know your guy better than anybody else. Everything, right from the time of proposal to the place of proposal to the current mood of your guy and whether or not he is prepared to take the relationship to the next level has to be taken into consideration before you pop out the question. To help you with these, some unique ideas on how to propose a guy have been given below.

Proposing to a Guy
  • A bit outrageous but effective proposal idea is to put your matrimony advertisement in the local newspaper and have some friends enquire about it with your guy. When he confronts you, tell him it was all a joke and take him off guard by popping out the question “Will you marry me?”
  • Prepare and set an extravagant dinner for your guy with candle lights and dim lighting around. Put on some soft music in the background and treat him with some champagne, wine or some exquisite single malt whiskey. Get him comfortable and relaxed and pop out the question.
  • Most guys are sucker for sports. There’s a good chance that yours is too. The NBA and baseball games allow for proposals to be made in public and are displayed on the giant screen. If yours isn’t a shy guy, you can go ahead with the proposal.
  • Proposing your guy at a place of which he has a lot of memories, say a place where he used to go as a child or where you two first met, will be like the most romantic and sentimental thing to do; very hard to say no to.
  • Beaches, gardens and other secluded but picturesque locations make for a perfect romantic and intimate setting. You can plan a quiet vacation on and around the Valentine’s Day. Walking hand in hand, you stop in the middle of nowhere and make the proposal.
  • Arrange for sky writing your proposal. Plan a day of outdoor picnic, boat ride, or a scenic walk along the countryside or mountainside. Then at the scheduled time, the plane will arrive and will sky write the proposal “Will you marry me?”
  • In this techno savvy age of the internet, emailing, and what not; the charm of a hand written letter continues to be adored. While writing, forget about using the heavy words for effect and just write from the heart and it will all be heard. At the end of the letter, have the proposal.
  • How about taking the traditional route? Decorate the room with scented candles, turn off the lights, light the candles, and put on some soft romantic music. Bend on your knees, present the ring, and ask him to marry you. After he says yes and puts the ring on your finger, pop open the bottle of champagne and dance to some of your favorite romantic tracks.