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Top romantic dating tips add magic strokes to the time spent with your 'someone special'. Check out some advice for romantic dating.

Romantic Dating Tips

Love is a heavenly feeling that is embedded in every human being. It is only when you find that special person that you realize what actually love and romance is all about. And it's not only about indulging in overstated gestures, but the small details and things that make your partner feel unique and wanted. Everyone loves to spend a romantic picnic on a deserted Caribbean beach or on a white yacht bedecked with red decorations, with the person of his/her dreams to celebrate the day of love, Valentine's Day. Though that may not be practically possible, you can certainly hook up your sweetie and indulge in the spirit of love and togetherness. Make your Valentine's Day date even more romantic and happening with a few tips. Hope they help you achieve the most romantic day that you both have ever spent together.

Top Romantic Dating Tips

Proper Hygiene

The very word romantic dating symbolizes closeness and touching. Thus, you and your partner would surely be sharing some intimate moments. Now you wouldn't want your darling to slide away simply because you smell like a grubby and soiled swine. Thus, before you even plan out for a Valentine's Day date, start taking care of yourself. Have a good haircut, go for a clean shave and take a good shower. The same applies for girls too. Visit the salon for a manicure and pedicure, for you do not want your partner to run hither and thither yelling about the plentiful dust accumulated in your long well-shaped nails, right? Look good for an attractive and decent appearance.

Spray Good Cologne
The best way to stimulate the senses of your partner is to wear inducing cologne. As his/her nose fills up with the sweet aroma, he/she won't be able to pull himself/herself apart from you. And that's some good, in fact, great news for you. Whenever he/she remembers you, he/she will be drawn to these sweet memories of such a wonderful date.

Sophisticated Dressing
Just because the world is running after tight-fitted leggings, please do not follow the suit by slipping into one of them. Pick up clothes and dress well that suit your personality and make you look smart, wanted, and romantic, of course. After all, the better you dress up, the more chances you'll be giving to your beloved to keep his/her hands on you.

Plan In Advance
Movie followed by a dinner is outdated and old-fashioned. People have been doing that for decades, and so are you. Though the idea is good to include in your date anytime round the year, but for Valentine's Day, it is the least romantic. If at all you wish to surprise your partner with a lavish meal, plan ahead in a secluded place with private table, allowing you both to share some fond memories of this day. Have your meals in the same plate and make sure you include desserts on your menu.

Think Different
It's not just about taking your love for a long drive and ending your Valentine's Day with a fulsome meal, coupled with flowers and chocolates. Time to think differently and come up with an original romantic date! Pull out a large bag and put in blankets, sheets, speakers, and a small music system. Drive your darling all the way to a quiet and secluded place where it's just you two under the large dark sky. Spread out the sheets and get cozy in a large single blanket. And if that's not all, put on some soulful music and dance your romance out under the moonlight.

Pass Compliments
No matter how stunning and beautiful your partner is looking, do not miss out any opportunity on complimenting him/her. Let him/her know that you have been looking at him/her and have admired every ounce of her/his beauty. Whether it's men or women, everyone loves receiving good compliments and accolades for all the hard work that has gone into looking their best.