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There are a number of romantic getaways in the world which will make you feel truly replete with romantic feelings. Read the following article to know about the top romantic getaways in the world.

Top Romantic Getaways

Love is a nurturing feeling, a feeling which is smug and revitalizing and which helps one to relax. A couple always look for excuses to spend time together and when it comes to spending some intimate time, they always think of a perfect destination to kindle their romance. This is the idea because of which romantic holidays have come into fashion. But choosing a romantic destination is a difficult task as the place should be far from the maddening crowd and should also stir the romantic feelings in both you as well as your beloved. There are a number of places on the face of this earth which will make you fall in love with your beloved again. These places give a background to your love story making you feel much grander than your usual routine. Here is a list of few destinations which you can visit with your beloved.

Best Romantic Getaways in the World

Greek Islands
This is one of the most romantic places in the world. What can be a better location than the one with golden sands and surrounded by the clean blue sea? This is a perfect getaway if you are a couple or even if you would like to go there with family. Try something exotic this season with clear waters, sumptuous food, and compelling sunsets.

Culture runs in the blood of Malta. You too can try visiting this enchanting place where you can come face to face with the history of a 6000 years old civilization. What can be more romantic than taking a walk among the ancient buildings, holding your beloved's hand?

Vienna, Austria
Few of the most historic moments of European culture can be seen coming alive at this place. This is the place where Mozart decided to die in. The cultural and architectural setting of this place will surely help you in taking the level of your romance to something historic.

Algarve, Portugal
Much of Spain is already discovered and repeatedly visited. Now shift your focus to the undiscovered underdog of Europe, which is Algarve. This place is full of romantic beaches, wonderful resorts and beautiful lush greens. Adding to it, the place is not at all heavy on your pocket.

Paris, France
Paris is perhaps the most talked about romantic destination in the world. It is almost the first destination for every tourist discovering Europe. Just keep an eye on your girl as she might get lost in the shopping streets of the city.

Sitting by the Nile and living the romance Caesar and Cleopatra style is a dream come true. Hence, this is one of the most desired romantic destinations. The romantic weather, the architectural marvels and long stretches of sand will surely rekindle the fire inside you.

Venice, Italy
Venice is the most visited romantic destination in the world. This is so because the floating city in itself is an architectural wonder. Along with the historical sites, this becomes an idyllic backdrop for a wonderful evening in the city.

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is famous for the architecture of its majestic forts which are marvelous to look at. Your heart will skip a beat looking at the wonderful scenic beauty of the place. The streets of Prague are perfect to take long walks, shopping simultaneously if you want.

Barbados, Caribbean
This destination is popular not only because of the idyllic backgrounds but also because of the placid weather and culture. The turquoise blue sea seems inviting and allows you to live the moments you longed for all your life.