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The word Rose if jumbled up makes up the word Eros who is the Greek god of love. Expressions associated with rose are given below.

Valentine's Day Roses

Valentine Day Flowers - RosesBelieved to have been grown and nurtured by Gods themselves, in many cultures and countries, rose seems to have an aura of pure eternal bliss, elegance, and a sensuous soothing effect about it. No wonder a rose is the most cultivated and loved flower in the world. Getting a rose from someone close cheers the senses out of us, even on a routine day. So you can easily fathom what joy a rose would bring to, if given by someone special on the Valentine's Day. And imagine how wonderful would you feel when you gift your love a rose and watch her soak up in gleefulness? This Valentine's Day, pour out your feelings with a rose for your "someone special". There are different colors of roses with which you can relate your feelings, each of the color symbolizing a different meaning. So head to the nearest flower shop, pick up a rose or a bouquet, and make this day all the more special for your loved one. But before you go, read about these different colored roses and what meaning they confess.

Red Rose
Red roses always have been, and are in the lead with rest of the gang. Given tribute a countless number of times by many renowned artists from the past and present, red rose, is the most profound way of confessing our passionate and sacrificial love that is willing to go against all odds and endure whatever hardships may come; and love, protect, and respect that person till the very end of time.

White Rose
The color white symbolizes purity, peace, innocence, and veneration. And the color white on a rose portrays each of these adjectives to very last petal. White roses are also known for being a traditional wedding flower, along with white lilies. White roses are depict the beginning of something new and noble, touched by God.

Yellow Rose
The bright fiery yellow color symbolizes warmth, affection, and cheerfulness. There's something about yellow roses that immediately take our mind towards the warmth and affection that we get from our best friends. Yellow roses are a great way to further strengthen your friendship by letting him/her know that you'll be standing there with support through thick and thin and will do anything to brighten up his/her day. A love devoid of romance is still considered love. Who said you can't love your friends and can't give them roses on Valentine's Day?

Pink Rose
The color pink symbolizes love, thankfulness, and appreciation towards the one you love. Pink roses are a great way of confessing your love all over again with a thankful heart about how much you appreciate the person for being in your life. Today, pink roses hold specialty of their own and are considered a class apart from amongst the bunch.

Orange Rose
Taken as a cross between red and yellow, orange roses reflect warmth, affection, and cheerfulness of the yellow with passion and fervor of the red. High in brightness, reflecting sunset and sunrise, orange rose is meant cheer the soul of the recipient just at the mere sight of it.

Lavender/Purple Rose
With a fairy tale perception attached to it, a lavender or purple is royal color that symbolizes love at first sight, just like Cinderella's prince charming. Purple roses voice deepest love and admiration on your conscience's behalf, to the one you hand out the rose.