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Have you been wondering what to do on Valentines? Find out right here how to plan your valentines.

Romantic Things To Do

Now we don't expect you to bring an execution order upon yourself by doing a good deed for others. But spending quality time with your valentine on the day set aside for lovers is the least you could do for your partner. Chocolates, roses, and gifts only make sense if backed by your personal touch of words and gestures. It's the little things that count. A loving word, a caring touch, a gentle hug, and letting your partner know what he/she means to you can't match up to a thousand gifts. If you're a romantic at heart, then prepare for a wonderful romantic day that will keep your partner high for months to come, and to those who aren't so, below have been presented some ideas about how to romantically up the ante.

Things To Do On Valentine's Day
  • Don't wait for the Valentine's Day to arrive. Prepare beforehand and get yourself booked in a nice bed and breakfast. Spend the night together cuddled up in each other's arms and wake up together. Start with a nice yummylicious breakfast. You can also cook breakfast for him/her.
  • Start the day by giving a nice romantic note wrapped inside a red perfumed envelope. Don't worry about it writing being messed up or disorganized, it just needs to be straight from your heart rather than copied from somewhere. Put a red rose on top of envelope for that extra special effect.
  • If don't know, learn to play a musical instrument and memorize your partner's favorite song and play it to him/her. Take classes if need be. Another option would be to invite some musicians over to your home and have them play soulful melodies to you both while you enjoy your dinner.
  • Take him/her by surprise off to some place romantic. It could be a resort, a beach or a serene mountainous area. Whatever be the choice, plan ahead of time; lest you end up making a mess of it.
  • Get cuddled up with your partner on the couch and watch your favorite romantic movie of all times and relive your romance through these fictional characters.
  • Take a long drive with romantic music playing in the car. Take with yourself a bottle of champagne or wine and a box of chocolates. Stop the car at some picturesque location, pop open the bottle of champagne or wine. Let her open the box of chocolates and wait for her to make you eat with her own hands.
  • Plan for a slideshow. Make a disk with photographs of your favorite moments. Buy or borrow a projector. Dim the lights and invite in your partner. Open a bottle of champagne and put the disk in the projector and start the slideshow. Spend time admiring each of the photographs and share what you felt at that moment. Enjoy having champagne together while cherishing your favorite moments.
  • Do something that your partner has been asking you to do for a long time but you always refused. Who knows just a simple act of fishing together or going for a long walk is enough o rekindle the essence of love and romance between the two of you!