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Find here, romantic proposal tips and ideas on how to propose a girl and express your feelings towards that 'someone special'.

How to Propose to a Girl

At last, you have found the person with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life and grow old. And with Valentine's Day approaching, you wish to pop out that special question to your true love to marry you. Well, congratulations on finding the ideal partner and getting this far. But would you want the entire charm and excitement of proposing to your ladylove seem tasteless simply by presenting flowers and the ring? Quite bland and old-fashioned! Also, your darling would be expecting something unique and different from what the world usually does. Do not let your sweetie down. Instead, add some spice and enthusiasm to that special moment which she will remember and cherish throughout her life. So, we are presenting you some one-of-a-kind and incredibly romantic engagement or marriage proposal ideas that can help you hear the positive response from her instantly!

Proposing to a Girl
  • Buy the engagement ring, accompanied by her favorite flowers, a box of chocolates, and a bottle of champagne. Pay a surprise visit to her office and propose her by presenting the ring at her desk. Celebrate the occasion along with her co-workers, with a bottle of champagne.
  • Take her out on a romantic date and present her a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Remove one chocolate and place the engagement ring in its place. Wait till she opens the box and gets surprised. Bend down on your knees and pop out the question.
  • Gift a dozen (or even more) red roses with the ring tied to one of the stems. When she notices the ring, propose her asking her to be your valentine for lifetime.
  • Visit a 5-star restaurant for Valentine's Day meal and ask the waiter to bring the ring along with the dessert. As the ring arrives, get down on your knees and ask her hand for marriage.
  • For an exceptionally surprising proposal, bake a cake for your valentine and place the ring on top of the icing. It’s hard for women to resist and refuse to men who put so much effort in baking.
  • If it rains on Valentine's Day and you feel that all your plans are washed out, try this and it would be the least that your love can expect. Take her out for a walk in the rain without an umbrella. Pause under a tree, wipe the rain drops off her lips, and gently go ahead for a soft, passionate kiss. Drop down on one knee and pull out the ring, proposing her for marriage.
  • Blow up four balloons and insert a paper in each balloon reading a word from “Will you marry me?” Ask her to pop out all the balloons to find out the four precious words. Once done, present her the ring as well.
  • Give her a single red rose bud and place the ring in the middle of the bud. When she moves ahead to smell the rose you’ve gifted her, she will be pleasantly surprised to find a ring within the petals.
  • Just 12 hours before the clock strikes 12 on Valentine's Day, get one flower (best if it’s her favorite) delivered to her at every hour. At the end of the 12th hour, show up yourself with the 12th flower asking her hand for marriage.