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These three little words are probably the most complex in the world of communication. Explore this article to learn about how to say I Love You.

How to Say I love You

It's one of those things that are simple but if not handled with care can entangle a person in a hurtful and painful mess, getting out of which can be quite a pickle. What is it? It's the ever popular, knee-shaker, tongue-twister and tears-jerker of a phrase named "I Love You". Those who've traveled both sides of the hedge in a little fantasy town called "Love" are well aware of how excruciating the lack of it or how exuberant the abundance of it can be. If not tackled right, it will have you land on the not so better side of the hedge. But if the heart is pure and the feelings true, things will automatically fall in place. And if there is someone special in your life whom you're dying to confess your love to but is also worried sick, you needn't be. The section that follows has been jotted down just for you so that you know, and know well, the art of saying I Love You.

Ways to Say I Love You
  • Before saying it, explain what love means to you. Don’t just say it for fun. Try and determine the difference between love, infatuation, and lust. What is it that you genuinely feel for this person?
  • If you’ve decided to say it, say it right. Excluding “I” from the phrase portrays the casualty of the feeling. But saying the whole phrase expresses the depth of feelings and is best for more intimate occasions.
  • Eyes convey more than you can imagine. Make sure that when saying “I Love You” to your man or woman, both yours and his/her eyes are locked. It allows feelings to be expressed in a convincing way and shows sincerity and trust in the relationship.
  • The tone with which you say it also speaks volume. Whispering “I Love You” close to his/her ears is an intimate way of proclaiming your love. If in public, you can either pull the person aside from the crowd or can say it in front of everybody. But make sure your man or woman doesn’t find the idea of expressing love in public embarrassing.
  • If you’re telling it to someone for the first time and is not sure whether the person would reciprocate your feelings, then it is best that you go not expecting anything in return. Go with an intention of just telling the person about your feelings. And if he/she loves you, he/she will let you know in time.
  • How about being a little creative? Like writing him/her a poem or the journey of your relationship, saying in a different language that is not your native, spelling it out with rose petals on the floor of his/her bedroom, or any other place where he/she would not be expecting it at all.
  • Love loses its meaning if it’s not backed by gestures that reinstate that “yes, I do love you”. Hold him/her for a few moments, hug him/her tight, surprise him/her every now and then, be there for him/her on special occasions and otherwise. Just saying won’t help; prove it with your actions.
  • Remember that people have different ways of expressing their love. Try to be understanding and look out for your partner’s ways of expressing it to you. It’s even possible that you might not be expressing it in a way he/she wants you to. But the effort counts, if both acknowledge that it’s been made.
  • Never ever use the phrase “I Love You” to cover up or resolve a conflict, or for something you did wrong. For that, learn how to apologize.