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A rose may be a melodious note, but a bouquet is like a masterfully created orchestral melody. Browse through this page on Valentine's Day bouquet ideas and gift your beloved with one.

Valentine's Day Bouquet

A sports game wouldn't really feel like much of a game if spectators aren't allowed to scream at the top of their voices. A movie wouldn't really feel like much of a movie if the audiences can't eat and spill popcorns. And a wedding wouldn't feel like much of a wedding if scrumptious meals are absent from it. What's the purpose you ask? Well, there are some things that go hand in hand and such has been the tradition or routine that the question alone "what's the use?" won't be anything short of a heinous crime and may faint a few of the listeners. It's the case with Valentine's Day too! Flowers are an inseparable part of Valentine's Day and without them, Valentine's Day won't feel like much of the-most-romantic-day-of-the-year. It's because flowers, within themselves, contain an innate ability to express the depth of your love when words may leave your grasp.

While roses may be the preferred choice on every Valentine's Day, and why shouldn't they be, after all they are believed to be grown by Gods themselves; there are other flowers too that get picked and are handed out to people. Carnations - which translate into "flower of Gods" or "flowers of love"; Tulips - which are the second most preferred flowers; Orchids - altogether lovely and heartwarming; and a few other flowers like lilies, irises, and daisies make up for the choices other than roses. When so many options, fragrant and symbolic, are on display then why restrict to just one kind? Put all of them together in a beautiful looking jar and make a bouquet out of it. It'll be like the loveliest thing ever! You can either pick the flowers (variety) as per your choice or go for the pre-prepared bouquets that are available on online shopping portals and local markets.

Valentine's Day Bouquet Ideas

Love Bouquet
Offer true love to your special one via Love Bouquets that have red roses intimately mixed with soft mini carnations, arranged in a red colored crystallized jar. It'll convey your deep affection like no other.

Narnian Dream Bouquet
Anyone who has seen the movie Narnia must know what a dreamlike place it is! Gift your loved one with Narnian Dream Bouquet by arranging unicorn white lilies with avalanche roses.

Memorable Moments Bouquet
Classic red roses snuggling to white lilies will create a lasting impression in the mind and heart who receives it. Include atleast 20 flowers - 10 roses and 10 lilies with large stems, and put them in a vase for a little extra romantic effect.

Love Melodies Bouquet
Take a handful of Fuchsia roses, mix them with another handful of lisianthus, add a pinch of Green Button poms and lush greens; all mixed in a clear glass vase. Spoiler Alert: Colors will come alive, and will melt the heart of anyone who receives it.

Stunning Beauty Bouquet
One look at this bouquet and her eyes will sparkle like a 22 carat diamond! Just bundle up red roses, pink lilies, purple irises, and purple aster; all in one vase with crystal clear glass.