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Tell your boyfriend how much you love and care with these touching poems on this Valentines Day

Boyfriend Poems

Valentine's Day is a perfect day to give words to your feelings and say it out aloud. Celebrated on 14th February every year, it is a dedicated day of love and romance. As such, poems are a great way to express your emotions and sentiments in a rhythmic way. They give an intense happiness to make the love of your life feel special. On this Valentine's Day, make your sweet boyfriend feel special by reciting a poem with all your heartfelt love. Let him know the intensity of your feelings through this expressive medium. As you scroll down through these lines, you will find some carefully selected romantic poems to inspire your honey. They focus on a girlfriend's feelings and thoughts for her boyfriend, her love, and her concern for the relationship. Go ahead and have one of the most romantic celebrations of your life on this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Poems For Boyfriend

Happy Valentine's Day!
This valentine message
Is sent with much affection
Because between the two of us
We have a great connection
My message to you
Is a wish for nothing less
Than a Happy Valentine's Day
And a life of happiness
In case you don't know
Here's a special thought for you
You are the best
I want you to know this too
Happy Valentines Day to You!

Will you be my Valentine?
Will you be my Valentine?
I know that I am yours.
You are like a tossing sea
And I am like your shores.

You are like an endless wave
And I your waiting sand.
And I will wait forever as
You come and smooth my hand.

I will wait forever, yet
You are a part of me.
I hold you in my arms, while you
Come to me endlessly.

Will you be my Valentine?
I know that I am yours.
I love you with a love that yearns
To be your golden shores.
-By Danial Rowe

I Can't Hide My Feelings
I just want to be with you,
Baby no one else will do.
I know I say I love you often,
But every word I say is true.
You made me realize
That every boy is not always the same.
I wrote your name in my heart,
And forever it will stay.
I know we have are ups and downs,
But no relationship is perfect.
And by the end of the argument
The confrontation wasn't even worth it.
People try to break us every day,
Over and over again.
I don't let it get to me
Because I know who has won in the end.
I love your smile,
Your intelligence,
And everything you do.
I thank god faithfully
That he sent you.
-By Shawnecia Boe

Happy Valentine, my love!
All my love is yours.
Praised be love that brings us home,
Pilgrims to these shores.
Yearnings here find harborage;
Vanities, sly smiles.
All that righteous anger rends,
Love here reconciles.
Even in the darkness where
No bitterness finds rest,
Thoughts of you are like a dawn
Intent on happiness.
Nor would I have so light a heart
Except that I am blessed!
-By William Byrd