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If talking about Valentines, it is imperative to know about few people who have made this day special by celebrating love in their lives.

Famous Lovers

Throughout ages history has been replete with examples of famous love stories. The famed lovers of all times have come to be the symbol of enduring love and sacrifice in modern times. The famous lovers have been immortalized in fictional as well as non-fictional literature. There have been love epics like Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare in English literature and Heer and Ranjha in Punjabi literature. These lovers have become a true reflection of passion, heartache and despair associated with love. Mentioned below are few of the famous iconic lovers of all times who confirm are beliefs in the four lettered word 'love'.

Hero and Leander
A Greek priestess, Hero stayed in the tower at Sestos. Leander was a man from Abydos which was across the sea. In this great mythical love story, Leander fell in love with Hero whom he used to meet everyday by swimming across the rough waters of the sea. Hero eagerly waited for her lover and guided him by lighting a lamp in the tower. Their love flourished throughout the summer months but on one stormy winter night fate had other plans for the two lovers. While Leander was crossing the sea as usual he drowned in the fiery storm. Subsequently Hero also gave up her life by jumping from the tower on hearing about her lover.

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet are undoubtedly the most celebrated of lovers whose tale of love and sacrifice is sung by all those in love. This tragic love story also ended in the death of the two passionate lovers. This love drama was penned by William Shakespeare and since then has been immortalized. The love story of Romeo and Juliet is filled with thorns due to their belonging to two feuding families of Montagues and Capulets respectively. Romeo however could not resist falling in love Juliet whom he sees at a Ball. With the love at first sight both of them secretively get married with the help of Franciscan Friar Lawrence a friend of Romeo. But amidst pressure of her father to get Juliet to married to another young Count Paris she resorts to a plan. She drinks a potion which leaves her in deep slumber so that her parents take her for being dead and then ultimately Romeo would rescue her. However the plan does not reach Romeo and on visiting the graveyard he also takes Juliet for being dead and ends his life there. When Juliet wakes up from her sleep and witnesses what has happened, unable to even think of spending her life without her husband and lover she takes her life.

Heer and Ranjha
The eighteenth century love epic was immortalized by Warris Shah a poet and writer of these times. Heer and Ranjha are buried in a town called Jhang in Pakistan. Heer was a beautiful young woman who fell in love with the melodious tunes of the flute of Ranjha. Heer and Ranjha were however not destined to meet and died young on the day they were to get married after many obstacles and difficult years.

Laila and Majnu
The Arabic love story is ancient in origins and is based on true lovers. Qays ibn al-Mulawwah ibn Muzahim a poet fell in love with Laila or Layla. He created beautiful poetic verses for her and the two loving soul wanted to ultimate unite by the institution of marriage. However the proud parents of Laila did not give their permission for marriage of Laila with Qays. Laila was ultimately married off to a rich local Lord. Qays became mad in the love of his beloved Laila. Laila however on the very first night of her marriage gave up her life. Majnu also did the same to ultimate let the immortal souls of the two lovers unite.