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Know about the Symbols associated with the day of lovers or Valentines Day.

Valentine Symbols

On Valentine's Day or around, if you're asked to go for an impromptu 5 minutes free shopping spree for your valentine, chances are you'll end up picking up at least 4 out of these 5 things out of impulse rather than thought - a cupid, hearts, roses, love knots and pair of love birds/dolphins. Even if not around Valentine's Day, you feel that you're in the vicinity of something divine and undefiled through ages, know that you are under the influence of love symbols. These symbols have travelled through time and history to be where they stand today. They are not just mushy romantic gifts to give to your valentine but have actual meaning attached to them, a meaning that manifests the depth of your feelings that you may not be able to convey in actual words but with these symbols. Below has been discussed what meaning has been attached to these symbols over centuries of timeline.

Valentine's Day Love Symbols


Apart from being known for being a little cherub with curly locks with a pink bow and arrow who flies around shooting people with arrows, in Greek mythology, he is also believed to be the young son Eros, of Aphrodite Goddess of Beauty and Love. Cupid (Greek word for Desire) is known to shoot fighting people with love arrows and make them fall in love with each other. On Valentine's Day, lovers gift cupids to each other in the form of glass centre pieces, soft toys, and miniature carvings made of marble or wood.

By pounding loudly and making "thump thump" noise, your heart is the first thing that lets you know of the love that has been arrowed into you by master cupid. It's considered to be the epicenter of all our emotional seismic activities, as all our feelings are believed to be generated from deep within our hearts. The phrase giving away your heart symbolizes a selfless act of giving away something without which we would be incomplete. On Valentine's Day, hearts are gifted in the form of balloons, candy, soft toys, and miniature showpieces.

After being struck by the arrows of love and realizing our feelings for someone through "thump thump", the next thought that travels straight from heart to mind is how to convey our feelings to the one we love? It is only but a thought of few seconds as our question is soon answered by images of something that has been immortalized by artists time and again - roses. Roses are a symbol of a selfless undying love and there are many colors of them to choose from, each color symbolizing a different sensibility but love being an inherent feeling in each of them. Nothing conveys our love better than a sight of heavenly petals peeking out at our loved ones in innocence. This Valentine's Day, shower your loved ones with roses and watch them blush.

Love Knots
Love knots symbolize binding your relation to unbreakability with a knot. It symbolizes your eternal love and that you are willing to stand by our love no matter what. Originating from early Arab traditions when young Muslim women were not allowed to meet men and used messages woven with knots made of carpets to express their feelings, it is followed till date and more than million gifts made up of knots are sold every Valentine's Day.

Pair of Birds
A gift made up of pair of birds, particularly doves or pigeons, symbolizes unfaltering, loyal, trustworthy, and eternal love for someone is one of the most sold items on and around Valentine's Day. Reason being, doves and pigeons mate for life with only one partner. A pair of two swans facing each other symbolizes "being in love" feeling.