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Read this article on Top Romantic Love Stories, pick your favorite one and spend the coming Valentine's Day with your partner, reading or watching it.

Top Romantic Love Stories

The "happily ever after" love stories do make for a good read but somehow it's the ones ending with a tragedy that remain deeply etched in the memory of the audience and readers. There's something in them that goes beyond the ordinary romance, something eternal, and survives on. Even the history of Saint Valentine, after whom the Valentine's Day has been named, ended in a tragedy so that there could be a happy ending for the generations to come. What's more, the popularity and love for these stories, through the passage of time, has only grown stronger. Readers and audiences from all age groups have been able to identify with the characters, making them immortal. You can spend this Valentine's Day with your loved one by reading or watching the top romantic stories of all time. In the following section, we have provided a list of the top romantic love stories of all time along with a brief description.

Best Romantic Love Stories

Mumtaz & Shah Jahan
Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is a living example of eternal love between Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is in her memory that Shah Jahan built this epic monument of love.

Romeo & Juliet
This tragic love story, written by William Shakespeare in the early part of his career is considered among his finest work. This story of young love has been adapted in many films and is also one of the most adored works among the fans.

Gone With the Wind
Written by Margaret Mitchell and published in 1936, Gone with the Wind is right up there in the list of top romantic stories. With relatable and memorable characters, the novel garnered much acclaim and was also made into a multiple Oscar winning movie by the same name.

Released 14 years ago, Titanic took the world box office by storm, earning $1.8 billion, and never hit the bottom. Even now the love story of Jack and Rose, set on the ship that is doomed to sink, chokes up the viewer, and is considered a timeless classic.

Another timeless classic, Casablanca, released in 1942, has gained a cult classic status. The love triangle between Rick Blaine, Ilsa Lund, and Victor Laszlo, set in the backdrop of World War II is sure to melt hearts this Valentine's Day.

The English Patient
"In memory, love lives forever". A novel by Michael Ondaatje (1992) and also a film by Anthony Minghella (1996), it is a heart wrenching tale of a few protagonists, each having a poignant back story, also set in the backdrop of World War II. Both the novel and the movie were highly acclaimed. Pick your choice.

The Remains of The Day
It is the story about a butler named Stevens, who for three decades has performed his duty to perfection. It's in the final years of his life that he learns what love is all about upon the arrival of a new housekeeper. It's both a novel by Kajuo Ishiguro and a movie by James Ivory. Both forms are highly rated.

Love Story
"Love means never having to say you're sorry". Love Story by Erich Segal is considered among the top classic romantic novels to read. When released in 1970, it became the top selling work of fiction. This love story between Oliver and Jenny was also made into a movie by the same name in the same year.