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Valentine's Day is soon approaching and if you haven't thought about what you're going to do, then go through this article on Top 10 Romance Ideas.

Top 10 Romantic Ideas

In a relationship, before anything else exists, it's the romance that initiates all. The constant but harmless flirting, passions on an all time high, not a moment that goes without his/her thought, and with the tongue somehow automatically slipping to "I love you" mode. When the bond grows stronger, in most cases, romance takes a backseat as other things take the steering wheel. Love is a divine feeling alright, but even the divinest can turn plain ordinary if not nurtured with care. A little romance can go a long way when it comes to communicating with your partner. After all, love is still alive in it. Agreed that it is sometimes difficult to take time out and do the things you used to do when the relationship was fresh. But then, Valentine's Day comes into the picture and this is the time to bring the spark back into your relationship. Read about the top 10 romantic things you can do to make your spouse feel special again.

Best Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

Romantic Date
It's Valentine's Day and a romantic date with your spouse is the order of the day. Go somewhere to a quiet place - a restaurant or drive to the beach. It can also be the place where you first met or a place that brings out a lot of happy memories. Make sure to go with plenty of time to spare, to enjoy each other's company.

Flowers, especially roses, have long been associated with romance. Giving your valentine a nicely arranged bouquet of roses is a good way to start the day. To make it even more romantic, keep the flowers coming in at regular intervals throughout the day and then sign off with a single red rose.

Breakfast in Bed
Breakfast in bed, cooked specially by you for your valentine is among the most romantic things you can do for him/her. Cook his/her favorite meal or look up the recipe book to try something different. If you are an amateur when it comes to cooking, prepare the dish a several times before Valentine's Day. Your sweet intention will not go unnoticed on this day.

Candle Lit Dinner
You can either plan a candle lit dinner at home or make a reservation in a quiet and dimly lit restaurant. Arrange for some soft music to be played in the background. This is a perfect moment to confess or re-confess the love you have for your valentine.

A carefully selected gift can do the trick for you. It will speak volumes for the love you have for him/her. Either put your mind to it and select what you think will be the most romantic gift or think about the instances when your partner desired for something to own or have.

Romantic Vacation
Surprise your loved one with an impromptu romantic vacation to a place he/she always wanted to go. It will allow you two to break away from the stressful routine and spend some quality time together. A lot of options like beaches, mountains, forests, etc are available for a romantic getaway.

Moonlight Walk
Hand in hand, a quiet romantic moonlight walk alongside a beach, lake or a park is sure to reignite the fire of romance. Gazing at the stars together will surely provide you both with a heavenly feeling and being together in such a night will be the most romantic thing of all.

Romantic Movie
A good romantic movie can lift up the spirits on Valentine's Day in no time. Many theatres run special screenings of romantic flicks for couples. If not this, you can rent a DVD and watch it at home, cuddled together with your partner and wine in hand.

If you and your spouse share the common interest of dancing, then you don't have to think twice about arranging an evening for dancing in the arms of your man/woman. You can either go to a discotheque or create the ambience at home. Dim the lights and switch on the music.

Personal Letter
Nothing can do it better than a hand written letter with all your feelings in it. It's a tested and timeless way of eternalizing your love for your partner. Don't worry if you're not good at writing, it's the feelings that will make your heart heard.