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We all celebrate Valentines Day in keeping with the modern times but find here what are the traditions involved with this day.

Valentine Traditions

We all know the significance of Valentine's Day. It is a day to express love and is extremely special for lovers. Lovers plan out this day to make it memorable in every way. Valentine's Day is, in simple language, a day to express and communicate love, affection and of course, romance. Most people belief that it was due to Saint Valentine that the day was conceptualized and thus, commemorated as his martyrdom. The day that has been in celebration as lover's day for over thousand years, was started its roots well laid in the Roman Empire. Around the world, Valentine's Day is celebrated with different perspectives and ways. Check out in the following lines and know what are the rituals and traditions followed in different countries.

Valentine's Day Traditions & Rituals


The other name of France is romance. So, one can guess the importance of Valentine's Day in this country. Couples spend a quiet romantic day in the company of each other and make it special for their beloved. They flirt, laugh, love and enjoy the whole day. In early days, a tradition called "Drawing For" was very popular. In this tradition, single men and women would enter houses that faced opposite each other and call to one another until they had paired off. If a man was not particularly happy with his chosen partner, he would simply leave the undesirable match for another woman. After the pairing off had finished, women who were left single would built a large ceremonial bonfire and burned images of men who had hurt them. During this ritual, women would also yell abusive remarks and swear at the men.

Valentine's Day in Italy is celebrated as spring festival. In the current times, couples spend the entire day reconfirming and rekindling their love for each other. They listen to some nice music and recite some romantic poems together. Interestingly, in the city of Turin, Italy, there is a tradition wherein couples announce their engagements on this very day. Today, commercialization has engulfed Italy too. As the day approaches, the shops and markets are filled with all the love symbols and precious gifts.

Valentine's Day for Germans is very special. They love flowers and so they gift a bouquet of some nice flowers to their valentine. In Germany it is a custom that men gift flowers to their ladylove. Gift with love tokens are also quite famous. Also, Germans sometimes consider marriage verification day as a Valentine's Day. Married couples gift chocolates to each other on this day.

Valentine's Day is one of the most awaited celebrations in USA. Many days before the Valentine's Day, markets get filled with all the love promoting products. The couples reinstate their love for each other by exchanging lovely cards and gifts. Going for one-day trips is also a commonly indulged activity that people in America indulge in.